Outdoor advertising products- light boxes, signboards

Light boxes are the most popular and the most commonly used form of outdoor advertising.

Light box advertisements distinguish high effectiveness at affordable costs. It’s the most noticeable type of outdoor advertising.

Light boxes are suitable for both, outdoor and indoor use.

Equipped with energy saving, high intensity fluorescent or LED light-source, allows our product clear visibility day and night.

Types of light boxes produced:

– Light boxes on PMMA (Plexi type face). – Aluminum profile frame(RAL powder coating available upon request), fluorescent light tubes or LED light modules . Face made of plexiglas or chambered polycarbonate. Graphics cut out of film or Solvent printed.

-Light boxes on flexible front face.- Aluminum profiled frame, (RAL powder coating upon request), LED or Fluorescent type light source, Face out of printed Vinyl. – production technique used in Large format advertising products.

– milled face signs- signage made of Aluminum or Di-bond plates. this products characteristic feature is that only the milled face elements are being backlit instead of the whole signage.

this group of lightbox advertisements and signs, depending on the customer preference, arrive as One-, or, Doublesided products. There is no limit as to the shape or complexity of the final product.

Additionally, other materials and production technologies are applicable according to the customer specification.